Honda NSX

Honda NSX

We feel it at the start of every project, no matter what the car. But with the NSX it was special - deeper somehow. You'll know it when you feel it. And when you do, you'll understand why this car means more to us than anything we've ever created before.

The making of a supercar

The road to success is no easy feat; it twists, it turns, and leads to challenge after challenge.

Blending the pinnacle of sports performance with everyday driving comfort took time to achieve. It came with its fair share of setbacks, too. But if accomplishing perfection meant starting over again, and again, and again - that's what we'd do. It's why the car took years to perfect, and why the NSX only got better with time.

Timeless lines

Designed for pure performance, wherever you drive.

Honda NSX side view

This was the foundation of the new NSX: a powerful sports hybrid. But with more power came further challenges. To control that power we switched our attention to the driver - it stretched our minds in many different ways and the result is a feeling of total connection as you drive; an affinity never thought possible.

Human achievement

Everyone involved with designing and building the NSX is at one with the car, from start to finish.

Inside the newly refurbished - and purpose built ­- Performance Centre in Ohio, only the NSX chassis and paint process is handled by specially made machines. The rest of the car is started and finished by hand. And it's this human touch that makes the NSX so special.

Making the connection

Through meticulous preparation and advanced technology, the driver is totally connected to the NSX in every sense.

When you drive the NSX, it's hard to know where your body ends and the car begins. You're in complete contact with the car. The engine and drivetrain combinations can be configured in many different ways to give you perfect feel when cornering, accelerating and braking - wherever you are.

Continuous evolution

We didn't stop until we achieved perfection - no matter what it took.

The NSX had to instantly respond to human control. It's this single-minded ambition that meant changing our initial approach halfway through the project. It didn't feel right with a V10 engine transversally mounted in the usual way, so we went back to the drawing board to design a longitudinally mounted V6 hybrid engine with twin-turbochargers.

Engine Bay

With this dynamic change, it wasn't just about the look and aerodynamics anymore, we had to manage the airflow for additional downforce and to cool the components. It meant the body had to be completely redesigned as well. The change caused tension at first but eventually brought the designers and engineers closer together.

Designing the NSX, inside and out

Aerodynamically perfect, the NSX's bodywork channels airflow to improve performance, cooling and downforce. We call it interwoven dynamics - it's art in motion.


The NSX inhales air to cool the powertrain components, the brakes and the thermal units. It's also designed to maximise downforce at high speeds and minimise drag. The car shown demonstrates airflow only; it doesn't represent the final production model.

Breathing in Breathing out

The strategically placed inlets at the nose of the NSX not only take in huge volumes of air required for performance, they give the NSX a distinctive, aggressive look.

The air is expelled quickly and efficiently through tiny, almost invisible outlets under the rear spoiler. This reduces drag without affecting downforce.

Muscular looking side vents are designed specifically to draw cool air into the V6 engine bay, feeding the twin-turbochargers and keeping components cool.

Video: Total Airflow Management

Your space

You don't just sit in the NSX, you connect with it.

Behind the Wheel

Seats, door panels and the centre console are all shaped to hold the driver and the passenger securely in place. It's a cockpit designed for comfortable everyday driving, as well as providing the physical connection you need on the track. Fit for all occasions, we've even thought about boot space, too - it has the largest capacity in its class.

Building the NSX

We built the factory before we built the car

For the NSX build process, we developed a working environment where machines could work alongside humans, not the other way round. It was one of the most important decisions we made.

The NSX assembly line: the floors are spotless, space is generous, there's plenty of room to breathe. Technicians wearing sharp white uniforms are constantly checking and rechecking parts before assembly.

All the elements of the aluminium frame are assembled and - in a series of choreographed rotating movements - welded entirely by machines; it's hypnotic. The aluminium frame welds are then checked by laser to within one third of a human hair.

We assemble the car from the inside out; the hand-built V6 engine and powertrain goes in first. The very last things to be fitted are the body panels and the wheels - all by hand.

A work of art

The NSX's high-gloss finish emphasises its sculpted shape.

Behind the NSX

It takes us over 20 hours to achieve the perfect paint finish: two coats of primer, five coats of colour and two layers of clear coat. Then we leave it for 16 hours. Once it's cured, the entire car is finely hand-sanded, wiped down and given another two layers of clear coat before the final polish.

It's personal

The NSX's quality finished interior drives the connection between human and machine.

Inside the NSX

Made from specially selected top grain leathers, the NSX cockpit comes in three different finishes - each with their own colour options. Whichever you choose, you'll experience unsurpassed levels of luxury, comfort and sports performance.

Milano leather and Alcantara

The Milano leather Sport Seats are combined with Alcantara - a material specially imported from Italy. Famous for its softness, its unique, grippy texture holds you in place at speed. Available in Ebony.

Semi-aniline leather and Alcantara

These heated Power Sport Seats come with a durable aniline coating and have an electronic memory function that automatically adjusts to a predetermined seating position. Available in Red, Saddle, Ebony and Orchid.

Semi-aniline full leather

The heated full leather Power Sport Seats are specially treated with aniline for durability and come with an electronic memory position. Available in Orchid and Ebony.

Super power

You, the driver, are at the very centre of the NSX. But sat just behind you is the most technologically advanced road car engine we've ever built.

The Engine

The hand-built engine is a 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged V6. Mid mounted to the aluminium chassis, it delivers power through a nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for instant response.

More power is added via a rear electric motor and twin mounted electric units at the front. On the track it's electrifying. You can hear it, sense it and feel it through your body as you accelerate, brake and turn; but when you're back on the road, you can simply dial down the power.

Direct contact, anywhere

The Integrated Dynamics System puts you perfectly in touch with the NSX.

Integrated Dynamics System

The driver-orientated cockpit puts you at the very heart of the NSX driving experience, where you're instantly connected to a selection of four dynamic driving modes.


Silent running when you need it. In Quiet mode, the NSX can run quietly on electric power alone over short distances.


Select Sport to get the perfect balance of sound from the V6 engine, along with perfectly tailored performance for driving on normal roads.


This is where things get serious. Sport+ stiffens up the steering and provides quicker shifting through the nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (9DCT) - coaxing you towards the red line.


Here's where the NSX reveals its racing DNA. With the sport hybrid system working to its full capacity, Track mode gives you spine-tingling acceleration, cornering and braking: Go, stop and turn. Point the NSX to where you want it to go, and it goes.

Elements of performance

The real beauty of the NSX is it unlocks your inner racing driver. Here's the technology that makes it possible.


A swift response

Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) is the first of its kind to be used on a supercar. When accelerating you'll get instantaneous torque and when braking, the system works in harmony with the disc brakes for immediate turn-in response. Finally, when exiting a corner, you can accelerate sooner and faster with pinpoint accuracy.

Total recovery

The engine is known as a self-contained hybrid. Innovative, yet incredibly simple, the engine recovers electrical energy through acceleration whilst cornering and actually aids braking. It continually recharges the Lithium ION battery pack, maintaining energy levels as you drive.

Rapid response

A Twin Motor Unit reduces the delay that's normally associated with a turbocharged engine. Acting directly on the crankshaft, it instantly delivers high output and - aided by the front mounted Twin Motor Units with launch control activated - unequalled, high torque, all-wheel drive acceleration.


Through smaller, lighter turbochargers more output is achieved by using two unique 'Electronic Wastegate' types of unit. These compact turbines save space and regulate maximum boost pressure for less delay and greater performance.

Quick shifting

The nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission synchronises beautifully with the V6 power plant and Direct Drive Motor unit, making full use of the power output and broad power band of the NSX. Gear shifting is lightning fast when you need it and combines with the NSX's rapid response; it's perfect for a track day and seamlessly smooth on the road, too.

Take command of the corners

It's all down to what we call Yaw Control. This is where the power is strategically applied to one wheel and then the other through the front Twin Motor Units when cornering. Sometimes known as torque vectoring, the car will feel like it's turning at will.

Feel the music

Start, and pump up the music via voice command, centre touchscreen or steering wheel controls.


Created in association with the award winning recording engineer and producer, Elliot Scheiner, the nine-speaker system, with surround-sound technology, pushes out 580 watts for an extraordinary experience that creates a virtual concert hall in the car. Let the music commence.

Further information

We regret that we are not able to accept any more orders for the NSX, as all the expected build has now been allocated.

For more information, please call our Sales Team on 01932 874411 or Contact Us On-line.