Honda Civic 5 Door

Honda Civic 5 Door

Honda Civic 5 Door

Our most advanced and sporty Civic ever - with sculpted, aerodynamic lines and a choice of efficient, powerful engines, our new Civic delivers an engaging and spirited drive.

Completely re-designed and re-engineered, the new Civic 5 Door epitomises our innovative spirit and quest for technical excellence. The result is a car created with a unique personality and sporty soul, a car that is exciting to drive, refined, comfortable and sophisticated.

Above all, it's a car built around one vital component. You.

Our new generation of engines

The new Civic delivers an engaging driving experience with an ergonomic yet sporty driving position and a dual pinion steering system, which gives you greater feedback and control. In order to have power and economy to match its looks we have developed two innovative turbocharged petrol engines.

Powerful and refined, both the 182ps 1.5 i-VTEC and 129ps 1.0 i-VTEC come with a choice of a 6-speed manual or CVT automatic and feature our unique Earth Dreams Technology which offers the perfect balance of performance and efficiency.

A drive focused on you

A finely engineered chassis and our all-new engines give you ultimate control.


The Civic 5 door has been reimagined with a lighter, stiffer chassis and sporty, more engaging driving position that compliment the choice of two turbocharged engines. Matched with the wide and spacious cockpit, you get improved visibility and a seamless connection to the road.

Styled for sport

As you move through the Civic's crisp 6-speed manual or smooth new CVT automatic gearbox, the tightly tuned aerodynamics grip you to the road. And with technologies like Agile Handling Assist, the car immediately responds to your every touch.

Driving through tunnel

Powerful presence

The Civic 5 door's sharp, provocative silhouette continues on the inside with space to spare for you and your passengers.

Honda Civic Front View

  • Sporty stance: The Civic 5 door owns the streets with a powerful and poised posture that also hints at its responsive handling.
  • Lines that tell all: The 5 door's aggressive shape optimises aerodynamics too.
  • Eyes for the road: The LED daytime running lights ensure the 5 door's face isn't one you forget.
  • Choose your wheels: The Civic's new larger, wider wheels and tyres further emphasise its powerful stance, and come in two sizes: 16 or17.
  • Room to move: The boot has 478 litres of class leading volume to pack with anything and everything you need.

Class leading space

When you love getting the most out of life, you need a car that can fit it all in. The new Civic, with its spacious cabin and vast boot, takes it all in its stride.

Honda Civic inside View

From your supportive and contoured seats, you are surrounded by comfort and quality, making every journey, long or short, a joy. With premium soft touch materials and lots of helpful technology, like our clever new 7" Honda CONNECT1 touch-screen infotainment system, heated front seats, dual-zone climate control and a neat electronic parking brake that gives you more space on the centre console.

Completely connected

Inside the new Civic is an advanced Honda CONNECT[1] touchscreen infotainment system with DAB digital radio, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, allowing you to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music.


And, for the first time, the Honda Civic is available with built-in wireless charging for smartphones. This feature means that your phone charges simply by placing it on the charging mat and is only available as an option on the EX model and is standard on the Sport Plus and Prestige models.

This feature requires a phone that supports the Qi wireless charging standard. This includes most recent iPhone models and high-end Android models. But don't despair if your phone doesn't have Qi charging - you may be able to add this option with an accessory.

Honda wireless charging

It's your eyes and ears

The Civic 5 door comes complete with a suite of safety technologies called Honda SENSING.

It's our unique suite of advanced safety features that use camera and radar technology such as Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition System and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control that all monitor your surroundings - and help keep you safe and sound.

Honda alloy wheel

Along with our Agile Handling Assist System, that provides more predictable road behaviour and superior ride comfort, showing our commitment to keeping you and your passengers safe and sound.

  1. Available on specific grades only.