Honda Motability

Honda Motability

What is Motability?

Motability is an independent not-for-profit organisation, which provides disabled people with mobility solutions, including safe, reliable and affordable cars. The Motability Scheme is a worry-free service that helps disabled people and their families in the UK to become more mobile. Over 600,000 people currently have a car with Motability, and it's good to know that car can be a Honda!

The Honda Motability Scheme is an easy and comprehensive plan, available over a three-year period.

The 2024 Honda Range

Choose from a range of models available on Honda Motability

Did you know that the Honda Motability Scheme is available over a three-year period? It's an easy and comprehensive plan that really does put you in the driver's seat. You don't even have to drive to get a Honda Motability car as you can nominate up to two drivers to drive for you.

Offers end 30th June 2024 and now include Free Premium Metallic Paint for our Motability customers. Take a look at the range of Honda models available on our Motability Scheme:

Trident Honda Ottershaw

We believe that Trident Honda is a very special business indeed. Established in 1963 by Michael Roberts, Trident Honda is today managed by his sons - Richard is our managing director, Christopher is our finance and IT director and James is our director of used car operations.

But Trident Honda is much more than just a family business, Trident Honda also benefits from an astonishingly low staff turnover - this means that you will always recognise our team and very likely be recognised in return.