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Shell Forecourt

Refreshes every 15s

To help you monitor the traffic and fuel position at Trident during the HGV driver shortage, we have put together a temporary webcam covering our forecourt, along with a summary view of our fuel stock position (see below).

We would like to apologise for the impact that this situation is having on our customers, and thank you for your patience.

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Look for the E10 label on pump nozzles

E10 petrol has now arrived at Trident Ottershaw!

The good news is that all petrol cars manufactured since 2011 are believed to be compatible, and all Honda petrol cars from 1996 model year. See link below for more information -- including how to check your vehicle. If your car is not compatible, then E5 is still available at Trident Ottershaw as Shell VPower Unleaded.

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Standard Petrol is Changing to E10 - Know Your Fuel

This Summer, the standard petrol grade in the UK will become E10, and this may have implications for some older cars…

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