Honda's FCX Clarity Makes a Star Appearance

Honda's FCX Clarity Makes a Star Appearance

Honda's hydrogen powered car, the FCX Clarity made a star appearance in Scotland this week (September 14th-18th) at the World Hydrogen Technologies Conference in Glasgow, at the SECC where more than 150 experts from around the world discussed the future of clean energy with hydrogen power playing a key role.

Honda's FCX Clarity is the ultimate solution to pollution free driving. It is fundamentally an electric car with hydrogen creating the electric onboard through a 'fuel cell stack'. The stack creates electricity from a reaction between hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen. This reaction has only one emission, pure water which comes out of the tailpipe in the form of vapour.

Refuelled from empty to full in less than four minutes, the FCX Clarity drives and handles just like a petrol car and has a range of 288 miles. Top speed is more than 100 mph and with ample space for adults plus luggage.

Since 2009 the FCX Clarity has been in Europe to demonstrate the potential of fuel cell electric technology to politicians and key decision makers, as well as being engaged in infrastructure projects.

The car is already being leased in America and Japan, as there's an emerging infrastructure to support hydrogen-powered cars in those countries. Introducing a fuel cell car to the UK requires the development of similar refuelling stations. In response to this, Honda, in cooperation with BOC and Forward Swindon (the economic development agency for Swindon Borough Council) - are launching the UK's first public hydrogen refuelling station, just off the M4, at Honda's Swindon car plant, on September 20.