Honda launches new range of dog accessories, inspired by April Fools' Day joke

Honda launches new range of dog accessories, inspired by April Fools' joke

Honda launches new range of dog accessories, inspired by April Fools' joke

Honda has launched a brand-new accessory pack for dogs to mark International Dog Day on 26th August. Available to order from Trident Honda, the selection of products has been designed to make your car safer for your four-legged friend.

The new product launch is in-part inspired by the success of Honda's April Fools' Day campaign earlier this year. The Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat was launched on 1st April as a light-hearted jest, in which Honda suggested that it was launching a new range of front passenger seats for pets.

It received widespread love across social media, with the story making it into the press as far afield as the USA and Australia, which highlighted the nationwide demand for pet products, accelerating the manufacturers' development of the range.

The pack includes: a dog guard, rubber mats, boot mats and a paintwork-protecting boot step protector, and is available across most of the Honda range and can even be retrofitted to some older models.

Honda's new dog pack is intended to protect your car and keep your dog safe. Available across five different models, the contents of the accessory packs vary slightly, designed to meet the unique specifications of each vehicle type.

Full product details are below:

Accessory Civic (Petrol) Jazz Hybrid HR-V Hybrid Civic Hybrid CR-V Hybrid
Dog Guard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rubber Mats Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boot Mat Yes No No No Yes
Foldable Cargo Mat No Yes Yes Yes No
Boot Step Protector No No No No Yes

Rebecca Adamson, Head of Automobile for Honda UK:

Launching vehicle accessories for dogs is something that the Honda UK team has been discussing for quite a while. But it was the success of the April Fools' Day campaign that ultimately prompted us to develop this product pack - because it became so clear that customers wanted something special for their four-legged friends. For many people, including me, dogs are so much more than a pet. They're part of the family. The dog accessory pack is designed to bring peace of mind when travelling, no matter how long or short the distance. Not only will it help to keep your dog safe and secure while on the move, but it will also reduce the likelihood of interior damage.

The launch date was selected to coincide with International Dog Day. To celebrate, and to champion dog-lovers across the country, Honda is offering UK customers a limited time offer on fittings, with savings of 20%.

Full product prices, including the limited time offer, can be found below:

Civic (Petrol) Jazz Hybrid HR-V Hybrid Civic Hybrid CR-V Hybrid
Fitted price £530 £570 £670 £695 £810
Promotional price £420 £455 £535 £555 £645
Saving -20% -20% -20% -20% -20%
Applicable to 17-21YM 21-23YM 22YM 23YM 19-22YM

Commenting on the importance of keeping pets safe whilst in the car, the AA's Head of Roads Policy, Jack Cousens, said:

When travelling with pets it's important to avoid any dangerous activity that could distract the driver and possibly cause an accident. Loose or unrestrained pets can easily distract a driver by moving around the vehicle and getting in the way of the steering wheel and pedals. And if you do have an accident, a pet running loose in the car is more likely to be badly injured, as well as being a danger to everyone else in the car.

To order your dog pack, please speak to your sales executive when ordering your new car, or Contact our Service team or Call 01932 874411 to find out about retrofitting a dog accessory pack to your existing Honda.