e:Ny1 Questions and Answers

e:Ny1 Questions and Answers

e:Ny1 Questions and Answers

How long does it take to charge an e:Ny1? How do I plan my route? Can I charge at home on a normal mains socket? How do I maximise my driving range?

We understand that buying your first electric vehicle can be daunting, which is why we have made the following help sheets available.

If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Understanding your e:Ny1

e:Ny1 Understanding Your Eny1
Understanding your e:Ny1

Charging at Home

e:Ny1 Charging At Home Charge Times
Charge Times
e:Ny1 Charging At Home Ev Tariffs And Eprogress
EV Tariffs and e:PROGRESS
e:Ny1 Charging At Home Using Your Existing Electricity Supply
Using your Existing Electricity Supply
e:Ny1 Charging At Home Wall Chargers Vs 3 Pin Sockets
Wall Chargers vs 3 Pin Sockets

Charging On The Go

e:Ny1 Charging On The Go Charging Abroad
Charging Abroad
e:Ny1 Charging On The Go Hints And Tips
Hints and Tips
e:Ny1 Charging On The Go How To Find Chargers
How to Find Chargers
e:Ny1 Charging On The Go Route Planning
Route Planning

Ownership Costs

e:Ny1 Ownership Costs Grants For Home Charging
Grants For Home Charging
e:Ny1 Ownership Costs Road Tax
Road Tax
e:Ny1 Ownership Costs Servicing And Battery Costs
Servicing and Battery Costs
e:Ny1 Ownership Costs Warranty Costs
Warranty Costs

Range Anxiety

e:Ny1 Range Anxiety Ev Myths Explained
EV Myths Explained
e:Ny1 Range Anxiety Maximising Your Range
Maximising Your Range
e:Ny1 Range Anxiety Weather Impacts
Weather Impacts