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The desktop Facebook Marketplace

Trident Honda has begun advertising its vehicles on Facebook Marketplace, as a six month trial into the platform. Our Honda Approved used cars will be automatically updated on the site twice each day, to ensure that the site is accurate.

Facebook launched Marketplace back in 2016 and it has become a popular alternative to eBay for selling used items. Facebook Marketplace can be accessed either from the desktop, or via your smartphone app, by looking for the Marketplace icon:

Facebook Marketplace icon

Tag: facebook

We have now completed the integration of Facebook into our website with Facebook Like buttons at the top right of each page and below each news article. We very much hope that this will make it easier for you to share information with your friends and family.

If you click on a Like button then, providing you are already logged into Facebook, it will add the fact that you like that content onto your Facebook profile page. It will also give you the opportunity of adding a comment. If you have any problems adding a comment at that point, then you can do so later from within your Facebook wall.