Trident Honda - Powered by Linux

Trident Honda - Powered by Linux

Trident Honda has replaced its Microsoft Windows desktops with a Debian GNU/Linux based terminal server. You may not have heard of Linux, but it is everywhere: Linux powers many games consoles, many of the new generation of netbooks, some televisions, mobile phones (for example many of those made by Motorola and Nokia), the vast majority of supercomputers, and most of the Internet including Google. Linux is not, however, widely used on the desktop because, until recently at least, it required significant computer expertise.

Trident Honda's reason for adopting Linux, was an increasing frustration with the time spent keeping Microsoft systems functioning properly; for example in keeping computers updated, regularly rebooted, protected from viruses and other malware and in avoiding the inevitable slowdown that seems to occur with all Windows-based systems. In contrast Linux is fast, secure, easily updated, and virtually immune to viruses. It is also incredibly flexible, enabling us to tailor it to our exact requirements.

Currently we have completed the migration at Ottershaw and it's been a great success, and we are shortly to embark on the transition at Weybridge.

If you would like to take a closer look at Linux, then a great way into Linux for new users is Ubuntu.

Please note that Trident Honda is not responsible for these external websites and regret that we are unable to provide technical support.