New Honda Civic 2017 demonstrators arrive

New Honda Civic 2017 demonstrators arrive

Hot on the tails of our Civic 2017 Preview Events, on Tuesday our new Honda Civic 2017 demonstrators arrived on the transporter. Rarely has there been so much excitement over a new Civic, but the new 2017 model is definitely a special case.

The Transporter Arrives

On the transporter were two new Civics, a black Prestige automatic for our demonstrator fleet and a red Sport manual for our showroom.

Black Civic Demonstrator Red Civic Demonstrator

Both cars have now been prepared and the red Sports manual is now in our showroom and looking fabulous!

Red Sports Manual Civic - Front Red Sports Manual Civic - Back

More importantly our Civic Prestige Auto demonstrator is now ready for customers to test drive.

Black Prestige Auto Demonstrator

If you would like a drive please call our Sales Team on 01932 874411 or Contact Us On-line.