Out of Hours

Out of Hours

We are always happy to help our customers when problems occur, be it a breakdown or accident, but there are times when you need help outside of office hours. This page is an attempt to bring together some contact details that might be helpful in such an eventuality.

Please note that our sole purpose for providing this information is to assist you, our customer. The information is provided in good faith, but includes the details of companies not affiliated to Trident Honda and we are unable to provide any guarantees or warranties against any work that they carry out on your behalf.

Opening hours

Our opening hours are published on the following page:

Opening Hours

Bank Holiday

Service Key-drop

Please note that our Forecourt (on the dealership side only) is part of Trident Honda and the staff are able to take your keys and will pass them onto the Service Department in the morning. If you have further instructions for our Service Department, then either include them in writing with your keys, Contact Us, email service@tridenthonda.co.uk, or telephone our switchboard on 01932 874411 after 8am.

Dashboard Warnings

If you have a warning light appear on your dashboard, you should stop your vehicle at the earliest safe opportunity and consult your driver's handbook to determine the nature and importance of the warning.

If the warning is the Tyre Deflation Warning, please see the following document for relevant advice:

Honda Tyre Deflation Warning


In the event of an accident or breakdown, provided your Honda is covered by warranty, please contact the following number for assistance:

If your vehicle is not covered by our warranty, but you are a member of one of the motoring clubs, then you should contact them:

If you are not a member of one of the above, then they will probably still help you and offer you the option of joining their organisation at that time. Alternatively, the following local recovery firm will be able to assist you:


If you have been involved in an accident, please do consider telephoning the police by calling 999 (or 112 from a mobile). You must call the police if anyone has been injured.

For dealing with the accident damage to your vehicle, please contact Honda Accident Assistance on 0800 521728.

Please do obtain the contact details of all involved parties, including witnesses, and ensure that you obtain all relevant registration numbers. It is a good idea to draw out a plan of the scene, indicating the position and direction of involved vehicles. If you have a camera or smartphone, pictures can be extremely useful for your insurance company.

You should also contact your insurers. They will probably require estimates prepared, and we would be delighted to provide you with an estimate for repair.

Trident Honda has a Honda Approved Bodyshop for the repair of your vehicle (closed over the Christmas holidays), and we would be delighted to provide you with a quotation for repairs. Please note that it is important to ensure that any repair of your vehicle is carried out by a Honda Approved Bodyshop, in order to maintain your corrosion warranty.

Car Hire

If you need a replacement car, then please contact Enterprise Car Hire on 01932 350500, if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to a replacement car as part of your insurance claim, Honda Assistance 0800 521728 will be able to advise you.


If you have put the incorrect fuel in your car, the important thing is not to attempt to drive it! Please contact the RAC Wrong Fuel Recovery Service. The service is available to non-members, but existing RAC members will receive a £50 discount.

Shell Filling Station

Please note that we do have a 24 hour Shell filling station and staff are able to telephone managers out of hours in the case of an emergency. We would be grateful if you would be mindful of the fact that our Forecourt staff are not trained or paid to deal with customer care issues.

In the case of a breakdown then please follow the Vehicle Recovery instructions and then make contact with us once we re-open.

Our Forecourt may be reached on 01932 877215. Please note that during busy periods, or where there is only one sales assistant on duty, then it may take a while for the telephone to be answered.