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Tag: tyres

Legal Limits

Did you know that if your tread is below the 1.6mm legal limit that you could be liable for a fine up to £2,500, plus 3 penalty points per tyre?

  • Minimum legal tread: 1.6mm1
  • Recommended minimum tread: 3.0mm
  • Maximum tread: 8.0mm

  1. Over the central 75% of the breadth of the tyre and around the entire circumference. 

Honda tyre deflation warning system user guide

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is important for the safety, performance and economy of your Honda. Low tyre pressure will not only adversely affect fuel economy, it will also increase stopping distances and reduce steering response and vehicle stability. EU Directive 661/2009 requires all passenger vehicles registered after 1st November 2014 to be equipped with a tyre deflation warning system.

If the deflation warning has been activated, it is important to stop the car and check your tyre pressures, adjusting each to the correct pressure shown on the information sticker in the driver's door shut.

Once your tyres have been checked and adjusted, you must reinitialise the deflation warning system by following the instructions below:

New Ravaglioli wheel balancer and tyre changer

Trident Honda has invested in new Ravaglioli tyre equipment, including both a tyre changer and wheel balancer. This now enables us to replace Civic Type R tyres and those on other high performance cars, which had become increasingly difficult with our old equipment.

Tag: tyres

Keep your tyres in check to help you stay safe on motorways – that is the message today from the Institute of Advanced Motorists after a total of 3,852 tyre-related incidents were reported on England's motorways between April and the end of June 2013 – an average of 1,284 per month.