The 2024 Honda CR-V e:HEV and PHEV - Advanced Safety Systems

Honda Sensing

Honda Sensing

The 2024 Honda CR-V incorporates a range of passive and active safety systems to provide class-leading collision safety:

The exceptionally strong, rigid, and stiff structure provides the foundation for exceptional safety performance, incorporating new structural components for improved front, rear and side collision protection.

The e:PHEV features an additional floor cross member for increased protection of the IPU and passengers in the event of a side impact.

The 2024 Honda CR-V boasts no fewer than eleven airbags, including a new front centre airbag to prevent a collision between the driver and front passenger, and a new knee airbag for both the driver and front passenger.

And finally, Honda SENSING 360 uses advanced technology to actively protect you and your passengers:

Honda SENSING 360

Honda SENSING 360 features a 100° forward facing camera, millimetre-wave radar, and four corner radars to offer a complete 360 view around the vehicle. Object recognition by image, via the CR-V's updated front camera, and object detection by radar, allows the vehicle to identify road lines, verges, motorcycles, cyclists and other vehicles.

Included for the first time in any Honda model is Front Cross Traffic Warning, which reduces head-on collisions at intersections with poor visibility. The system informs the driver of vehicles to the left or right when moving off after a stop and when at low speed.

An advanced Traffic Sign Recognition System detects and recognises road signs and displays them on the instrument binnacle behind the steering wheel, as well as on the Heads-Up Display, working in conjunction with the Adaptive Cruise Control to offer one-touch speed adjustment to specific speed limits. For the first time in Europe, the system also provides a pre-notification of signs, such as an upcoming 'stop' sign, to inform the driver as soon as possible and help them prepare for junctions.

Adaptive Cruise Control has been updated and now works with turn signals to initiate acceleration when overtaking, smoothing the process for drivers. The system also offers low-speed follow functionality, cornering speed adjustment by road curvature and incline, enabling the CR-V to maintain a constant speed on descents.

Lane Change Collision Mitigation assists steering operation during lane changing to avoid a collision with a vehicle approaching from behind and in the next lane, notifying the driver with a warning sound.

Collision Mitigation Braking System helps bring the car to a stop if it determines that a collision with a vehicle detected in front is unavoidable. In this instance, it will also offer a warning sound, and if necessary, the brake will be automatically applied.

Also debuting on the CR-V is Traffic Jam Assist. This reduces the driver's workload in low-speed congested traffic by helping to keep the vehicle in its lane, starting from 0mph. When traffic congestion clears, the car seamlessly switches to the Lane Keeping Assist System.

To further reduce driver burden, Active Lane Change Assist is included for the first-time on CR-V, which assists steering operation when changing lanes and is triggered by use of the turn signal. Once the driver holds the one-touch turn signal, the radar system ensures that the next lane is clear before the vehicle moves over.

Another new feature for CR-V is Parking Pilot, which provides further driver support by monitoring for parking spaces and highlighting on the infotainment screens a suitable position to begin assisted parking. Drivers can simply select the location to be parked in, and the camera and sonar sensors detect the surrounding conditions to automatically control the accelerator, brake, steering and gearshift operations to park and exit the vehicle. It can be activated in three easy steps with a dedicated switch and a touch of the screen, and then the car can be parked by checking the safety of the surroundings, significantly reducing the worries of parking in a large SUV.

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