The 2024 Honda CR-V e:HEV and PHEV - Technology & Connectivity

All-new Honda CR-V with new powertrain options and offering more style, comfort, safety and space

All-new Honda CR-V with new powertrain options and offering more style, comfort, safety and space

The all-new CR-V features an extensive package of technology, including a revamped infotainment system and connectivity options. Central to this is the updated HMI, designed to minimise up and down eye movement.

For the first time on CR-V, a head-up display is projected directly onto the windscreen, allowing drivers to see a broader range of speed, driver assist and navigation information in a clearer resolution.

The navigation system has been updated with Predictive Eco Assist, which assists eco-driving by monitoring for downhill sections that will enable energy recuperation and improve real world economy. The CR-V e:PHEV also plans how the battery will be used over an entire route to ensure the most efficient use of the hybrid system.

For e:HEV Elegance grades, a powerful eight speaker system is included as standard, whilst e:HEV Advance and e:PHEV Advance Tech grades gain a comprehensive high-performance BOSE Premium Audio system with 12 speakers across the cabin.

A 10.2-inch TFT digital instrument binnacle behind the steering wheel presents all necessary information in a timely manner through a sophisticated meter display, while automated functions promote reduced manual operation when driving.


A dedicated wireless charging area at the front operates at 15W - three times more powerful than the outgoing CR-V. To ensure more stable charging, a cooling fan has also been integrated into this area to reduce heat generation.

Available on the e:PHEV model, Honda Digital Key unlocks new connectivity options for users. Using Honda's smartphone application, customers can lock and unlock the vehicle, and turn on the engine in the same way as a regular key. However, unlike a regular key, the 'Digital Key' can be shared securely and digitally with selected invited drivers.

Finally, high-quality LED lighting has also been added throughout and is supplemented with soft ambient lighting in the centre console, doors, footwells and door handle recesses for a premium ambience throughout the cabin.

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