Trident Honda Ottershaw

Trident Honda Ottershaw with the 2023 range of Honda cars

Trident Honda Ottershaw with the 2023 range of Honda cars

We are delighted to show you our newly refurbished dealership at Ottershaw:

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Customer Waiting Area
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Trident Honda Ottershaw panorama
Trident Honda Ottershaw - Exterior Front of Showroom

New exterior cladding

In 2018 Trident Honda completed its showroom redevelopment. Externally the dealership has been clad in silver, in line with Honda franchise standards. The result is a much more modern appearance, with better insulation and improved energy efficiency.

Secure customer records

To the left of the building new steel supports were installed to improve the structural integrity of the upstairs offices and the offices were re-roofed, to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption. New locked archival storage areas were installed in the upstairs offices, in order to protect your data in line with GDPR1.

The result is a dealership that not only looks more modern, but is warmer and more environmentally friendly.

Car Sales

Trident Honda Ottershaw - Exterior South Corner of Showroom Our new showroom from entrance to reception Our new showroom sales area

New sales area

Inside the sales executives are now located together to the left of the showroom, with a new glass office at the back so that you can discuss your finance requirements with our business manager in private.

All the desks and chairs have been replaced with stunning new Humanscale™ desks and mesh chairs.

Ready for the future

The showroom floor has been completely re-tiled in high quality Honda franchise floor tiles. Underneath each car is a power and data socket, to enable our team to demonstrate the impressive features of the new range of cars, without discharging their batteries.

Energy efficient

All our showroom lighting has been replaced with modern ultra low-energy LED lighting. Our air-conditioning system has also been replaced, with a modern energy efficient system.


Our new Service Reception desks with customer seating Our new customer waiting area Our new showroom from customer waiting area to main entrance

Goodbye service counter

The traditional service reception counter has gone, in favour of new low-level Humanscale™ desks, with mesh seating; you can now relax in comfort whilst you discuss your service requirements with our team.

Customer waiting area

Best of all, your waiting area has been moved from the centre of the showroom, to the corner, as customer feedback was that you felt exposed in the centre, detracting from the overall experience. Over and above Honda standards, we have equipped the customer waiting area with leather bucket seats, and a stunning 55" Samsung Q7F television. Our old-fashioned amplifier and PA music system have been replaced by a modern digital music system.

Bean-to-cup coffee

This relocation of the customer waiting area has enabled us to bring the water cooler and coffee preparation together, for your convenience.

A new bean to cup coffee machine has also been installed.

Premium quality customer toilets

Situated next to the waiting area are the customer toilets. These have been designed to impress, with granite features and high quality furniture throughout. A new lobby door has also been introduced to improve your privacy.

Our new bean-to-cup coffee machine Our beautiful granite featured customer toilets Our beautiful granite featured customer toilets

Site tour

Why not take a virtual tour of our new showroom below? The tour will slowly rotate, but you can also drag the view around with mouse or finger, click on the (i) icons to learn more, or click on the (^) icons to move around the showroom.

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