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Jamie Oliver Deli by Shell

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 at 10.53am

Jamie Oliver deli by Shell

Together with Jamie Oliver Shell has created a fantastic new selection of products. They've gone the extra mile to give you a bigger, better choice1 - with more than 80 new products available at Trident Ottershaw from 31st January 2019.

  1. All products are subject to availability. Bigger, better choice, nutritional details – when compared to previous deli2go range or other previous food offering. 

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Trident now offers Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 at 9.00am

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We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel is formulated with a powerful cleaning agent designed to prevent and remove performance robbing engine deposits that can be left behind by non-premium fuels. Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel is designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection.

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Reduced Milk Prices

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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We are delighted to announce that our Forecourt have changed milk supplier to a local company, West Horsley Dairy.

Better still we have, as a result, been able to reduce our prices across the board, with 1 pint now costing just 69p, 1 litre now costing £1.35 and 2 litres now costing £2.25.

Ottershaw Forecourt

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From today, Ginsters is now supplying our Ottershaw Forecourt with Ginsters sandwiches and chilled food. This morning the Ginsters staff worked hard to ensure that the chiller looked the best it could, and already a number of customers have responded favourably. Trident has long been supplied by Ginsters, but today saw the Ginsters appointed as our sandwich supplier.

Our Forecourt Manager, Mary Spicer, says:

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