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Honda showcases vision for more sustainable product design at Milan Design Week

Honda showcased its evolving approach to more sustainable product design with the European premiere of its latest electrified urban vehicle concepts - the SUSTAINA-C Concept car and Pocket Concept motorcycle - at Milan Design Week from 16-21 April. Both star alongside the SH125i 'Vetro' scooter to demonstrate the innovative material use and unique design aesthetics that can be created while reducing the CO2 emissions.

Look for the E10 label on pump nozzles

E10 petrol has now arrived at Trident Ottershaw!

The good news is that all petrol cars manufactured since 2011 are believed to be compatible, and all Honda petrol cars from 1996 model year. See link below for more information -- including how to check your vehicle. If your car is not compatible, then E5 is still available at Trident Ottershaw as Shell VPower Unleaded.

Standard Petrol is Changing to E10 - Know Your Fuel

This Summer, the standard petrol grade in the UK will become E10, and this may have implications for some older cars…

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Honda triumphs with hat-trick in the annual MPG Marathon:

  • Civic diesel hatchback takes outright win AND best percentage improvement
  • 16 year old Insight comes second overall, taking highest in the heritage category
  • Driver Paul Clifton claims second overall win at annual MPG Marathon

Team Honda has triumphed in the annual MPG Marathon taking home a hat-trick of titles. The Civic diesel hatchback claimed the overall winner's prize in this year's event as well as best percentage improvement on MPG, while the first generation 17 year old Honda Insight took second place overall and winner in the heritage category.

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Today, at our Ottershaw filling station, we are installing low energy LED canopy lighting. As part of our energy monitoring programme at Ottershaw, we are working to reduce our environmental impact, and hopefully reduce our costs at the same time!

The installation, carried out by Blueserve Facilities will be carried out in lanes, so that we will not be closing our forecourt at any time.

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Earlier this year Honda (UK) invited a few of its Twitter followers, to make a video-based test drive review of the new Civic 1.6 i-DTEC. But no ordinary review - a challenge to find how far the new Civic Diesel might go on a single tank of diesel.

With an official combined fuel economy of 78.5 mpg, the 120 PS i-DTEC engined Civic and its 50 litre capacity fuel tank could theoretically cover a range of over 850 miles - but we all know the official figures set by industry standard simulated test cycles are rarely comparable to real life driving and speeds.

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If you don't want to change your current car, there are still ways you can drive greener:

Lose Some Weight

Don't drive around with unnecessary weight in your car - the engine will have to work harder and use more fuel. Empty your car of anything that you don't need to carry around all the time. Remove roof boxes and roof racks when you're not using them - they cause extra aerodynamic drag, which will raise your fuel consumption. Open windows and sunroofs do the same; and for the same reason, get any loose items of external trim fixed.

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Britain's 'greenest' car is the Honda Insight with the 'least green' car being the 8.0 litre Dodge SRT-10, according to the Environmental Transport Association (ETA). It calculates that a year's driving in the Dodge emits the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as is absorbed by 322 mature trees - the equivalent of an acre of oak forest. The ETA examined over 1,300 models of car currently on sale in Britain and compared their power, emissions, fuel efficiency and the amount of noise they produce to create a definitive guide to buying the 'greenest' vehicle.

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The Honda Insight has been named Green Car of the Year 2009 by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA).

The ETA examined over 1300 models of car currently on sale in Britain and compared their power, emissions, fuel efficiency and even the amount of noise they produce to create a definitive guide to buying the greenest vehicle.

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Honda has announced a new system to encourage economical driving. Unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show, the Ecological Drive Assist System will make its debut in the new Insight saloon, which goes on sale in spring next year.

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Honda unveiled the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show, announcing plans to begin limited retail marketing of the vehicle in the US, starting summer 2008.

Tetsuo Iwamura - American Honda president and CEO - said:

The FCX Clarity is a shining symbol of the progress we've made with fuel cell vehicles

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Britain's SUV buyers are making greener choices in the showroom, according to latest industry sales figures. Cars like Honda's CR-V are selling better than ever, as they offer a cleaner, smaller alternative to the traditional 4x4 stereotype.

Despite negative public feeling towards 4x4s – that influenced a drop of 4% in the sector – sales of the low emissions CR-V increased by 28 per cent over the first six months of the year (11,665 cars to the end of June 2007 versus 9,086 for the same period last year) – and the Honda continues to top the charts as the UK's favourite SUV.

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In the latest ranking from the Union of Concerned Scientists, the US pressure group, the Japanese brand topped the table for the fourth time in a row.

It narrowly beat Toyota, which was commended for making cuts in global warming pollution. Hyundai-Kia was placed third, followed by Nissan and Volkswagen. The US car-makers fared poorly with Ford in sixth place ahead of General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler, which was ranked as the least environmentally friendly manufacturer.

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HONDA IS supplying ammunition to drivers of its 4x4s in the first concerted effort by a car-maker to combat the growing antagonism towards gas-guzzlers.

The Swindon maker is to send a letter and stickers to all new customers of the new CR-V to help them defend themselves from 4x4 detractors. It is a direct response to concerned Honda customers asking for help, says the car-maker.

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Honda has developed a plant-based material to be used as a fabric in car interiors. The new fabric offsets all CO2 emissions produced during the disposal stage of the car, through the CO2 absorption that occurs naturally during the growth of the plants that are used as raw materials.

The new fabric will be first introduced into Honda's new fuel cell vehicle, the Honda FCX, which will be launched within the next three years. Honda says that the fabric could be used for seat surfaces as well as for the interior surfaces of the car.

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Honda has revealed more information on Honda FCX at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Another pointer to the direction of Honda's passenger car development is provided by the FCX Concept. This is more than a technology test bed and the advanced fuel cell technology is clothed in a stylish, dynamic bodyshell that offers outstanding space and in-cabin comfort.